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Detailed Book Review
The Nations         
The Nations
By Thomas F. Sheehan
ISBN: 978-1-929763-60-3
Price: $14.95
Shipping: $4.00
The Nations is a short fiction collection of twenty stories by master storyteller Thomas F. Sheehan. These tales celebrate the heroic deeds and legends of various Native American Indian tribes (Cherokee, Kiowa, Lakota) of the Old West in the United States.

The Nations is also available as an ebook on Amazon.com for the Kindle.

The prolific Thomas F. Sheehan is a 24-time Pushcart Prize nominee who has also authored A Collection of Friends, From the Quickening, and In the Garden of Long Shadows. The Nations is his first book of western stories.
Book Review Details:
Reviewed Appeared In: Local Author Sheehan releases `The Nations`
Reviewed By: Saugus Advertiser (Massachusetts)
Text Of Review: Saugus author Tom Sheehan`s latest collection of stories, The Nations, has been released in print and Kindle issues by Pocol Press of Clifton, VA. It is a collection of 20 pieces of Native American fiction. Advance reviews have included the following:

`It`s his tongue & cheek humor and development of characters that appears so true to life. He knows how to lead his readers to a right-brain visual feast! I get as much out of his word-art visuals as I would looking at a great canvas. Composition, color, texture; it`s all there in his story telling. I enjoy his style and his wit and I am glad to know him!` -Cecelia Soprano, Amichiart

`I don`t know where to start in my admiration for another one of his beautifully written books. So, I won`t gush, but any story that has a character that loves nature and Indian relics, well, then, I'm smitten! This is truly stellar. Tank you so much for the treat of his divine artistry.` -Kim Hazelwood, Greensilk Journal

`Congratulations on another book publication. Glad you made it through that campaign back in 1951. We all would have missed out on some very good writing by one of the masters, in my opinion.` -Scott Gese, Rope and Wire Magazine

`Author Tom Sheehan`s recent Indian tales deserve special attention. As a reader and viewer of decades filled with variations of Tonto in Indian portrayals, Sheehan gives us hope for a realistic view of honorable people who deserved far better treatment than they got from this, their own country. I am especially impressed with the sensory details. Readers can see, hear, touch, smell and taste the atmosphere. Most important, when you read Sheehan, you will feel genuine compassion- and want to thank the writer as I just attempted to do.` -Maureen Lynch Edison, North Shore Community College

`John Wayne would have won an Oscar award acting in a Sheehan western. Tom Sheehan knows the glint in the eye of the low rays of day, and the sparking embers of the soul as it sets to the west. The rawhide of a man who sleeps endless nights under that big sky, a mother`s heart-wrung ache, the lightning on the lonely mountainside, saloon brawls in the valley. Nostrils flare, at the ready. Need speaks wordlessly and kinship ignites. Sheehan knows the scalping in the head and the hand, the clash for territory, and the claim that no one can stake where all men beg for the same mercy from land and sky. Steinbeck, get ready to draw your gun.`-Dianne Buccheri, Publisher OCEAN Magazine and EARTH OCEAN SOUL Photographer

Pocol Press has published other Sheehan books, including A Collection of Friends, From the Quickening, and last June In the Garden of Long Shadows, each of which has garnered the same kind of reviews.

In addition, Sheehan just received word that he has been nominated for his 25th Pushcart Prize by KY Stories` anthology, Appalacian Voice, and his next collection, Back Home in Saugus is completed except for several photos to be included in the 200 pages of manuscript.

Date Reviewed: October 23, 2014
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